Aisha (R Awaah And Arwa Bin Abi Quhafah

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Arwa Bin Zubair says, " I have never seen any one who could have knowledge of an Ayyah (Qur 'anic verse),an obligatory act,a sunnah act,poetry,lineage,history,judgement or medicine better than Aisha [ra]".... (Ibn Qayyim and Ibn Sa 'ad Jala-ul-Afham, Vol. 2, p. 26.)

Aisha As Siddiqa, Ummul-Mumineen (mother of the faithful believers) [ra], Bint Abu Bakr Saddiq Abdullah Bin Abi Quhafah [rah] was born in Makkah in the year 614 CE, she was born to a Muslim family, and was a great teacher to both men and women,she showed the world how a woman could be more knowledgeable than men fourteen centuries ago, she narrated about 2210 Hadith on documentation,authorisation,sacred law, politics, she was a theologian of the highest other. Aisha [ra] also took part in the battle of the camel in the year 35AH to avenge the death of the third Caliph Uthman Bin Affan [rah] who was assassinated.
Her Father Abu Bakr Saddiq Abdullah bin Abi Quhafah [rah] was a sahaba (companion) of the messenger (ﷺ),from the Quraish Tribe.The first adult male to accept Islam.He was a merchant,and a God
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She got jealous of his other wives especially khadijahtul Kubrah [ra] even though she had never seen her. Because the messenger of Allah (ﷺ) loved khadijah so much that he spoke good of her almost every day, he sometimes share some potions of Eid meat to her close friends and relatives. The love he had for khadijah made the scholars differ on whether he loved Aisha more or Khadijah more [ra]. Aisha [ra] once narrated that the prophet (ﷺ) was talking highly of khadijah and she got angry and said " Didn 't Allah give you something better than her" (talking about herself), and the prophet (ﷺ) got angry and replied, khadijah believed in me when no one else could...... From then Aisha realised her mistake and never spoke like that
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