Airline Security Essay

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Abelove 1 Lauren Abelove Jaffe English I Honors 2 April 2014 Airline Security The airline security that the U.S.A. offers can undoubtedly be improved. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is the American airline security. The TSA spends American tax dollars on its failure to provide efficient security. The screeners and scanners are invasive and don’t provide that much security. The United States shouldn’t obliterate the TSA but have the TSA spend its money more efficiently. To begin with, George Bush signed the TSA into law after the attacks of 9/11. The TSA’s principal job is to provide security to transportation throughout the U.S., especially to the airport. According to Representative Paul Brown, “ Americans have spent nearly $60 billion, and they are no safer today than they were before 9/11”(Akers). Consequently, the TSA has spent all that money for security to not be safer than before 9/11. There may be less costly, more effective methods to provide security, but people may not know because Congress individually forced a security system on aviation (Akers). Essentially, Congress may know of better ways to protect the airlines but won’t tell the American people since they have created a security system for it that prevents outsiders from knowing information. “More than 500 people have offered their thoughts – overwhelmingly negative – so far”, a great deal of people have negative comments about the airline security that the TSA provides for them. The TSA has failed to satisfy the people they sought to protect. For the first ten years of the TSA, they have failed to catch a single terrorist anywhere at any time by anyone in the TSA’s employment (Akers). It’s rather frightening that the organization that ... ... middle of paper ... ... images might be stored and used later--by being straighter with the public. Instead, the TSA has damaged its credibility with conflicting information. Although the agency has proclaimed that the "technology cannot store, print, transmit or save the image," internal documents from 2008 show that the TSA sought to buy scanners that can store and send images when in a test mode. As it turns out, the scanners that the TSA use can accumulate and transmit the images of people’s naked bodies. Scanners have been disapproved my many scientist because they expose people to ionizing energy that may cause cancer (Grabell). Many people in the U.S. know that the scanners can cause cancer, that’s why many people don’t travel by plane. People in the U.S. have avoided the use of air travel just so they don’t have to expose themselves to the government or have that risk of cancer.
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