Airline Industry Case Study

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1.2 Introduction

The aims of this study are to investigate the influence of customer loyalty on airline industry specifically on low cost airline segment, which has newly emerged in the industry. Customer loyalty has been area of interests for researchers in 2000s. The concept has emerged from the concepts of relationship marketing or theories based on customer focus, which will be discussed in details latter. Nowadays; impact / influence of customer loyalty can be studied and observed in many industries such as frequent flyer programs in airline industry, Club cards in retail industry, etc. Theory suggests that the customers concerns have to be understood and resolved in order to achieve customer loyalty (Bateson, 2003). Alternatively attempting to achieve customer loyalty would lead to failure but failure can be fatal for that organisation (Lorenzoni& Lewis, 2004).
Liou (2008) stated that, when a customer leaves an organisation, he/she will possibly go to a competitor. Organisations can make long lasting relationships by means of understanding their customer’s behaviour correctly. Customer oriented companies are focused to retain their customers because it is believed that wining a new customer can cost more in compression to retain an existing loyal customer. Kotler and Keller (2006, pp. 17) stated that the study of relationship marketing focuses on to develop wining situation for al stakeholder belongs to the organisation, such as customers, supplier, distributors and any other contractor, this would be considered as long term business strategy. The concepts of relationship marketing build a strong technical and social partnership.
It is expected that customer loyalty can contribute in success of an organisation in many aspe...

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...vive in the future competitive market. Therefore, the author believes that elements mentioned above will help author to determine the answers of the research questions.
1.9.1The Data Analysis Method: Thematic Analysis
This technique of collecting data is used by many authors in the research in which the data and information is collected using questionnaires and other secondary data which is available to the author in present about the airlines.
1.9.2 Research Survey Analysis

As the author has previously discussed that for survey, the samples are going to be chosen with special criteria, therefore he is going to choose 25 people sample and all 25 of them are university students. Such people are using low cost airlines and those with the traditional cost. Out of 25 students only 12 answered to the questionnaire and one out of those was incomplete.
10.1 Research Plan
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