Airborne Rangers: American Heroes

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When we wake up in the morning and go to work, we do it with the knowledge that there are certain things we can count on. One of the most important things that we can expect while living in a free country is protection. Protection from harm from our enemies, whether at home or abroad. But there must be someone to step forward and volunteer for the difficult task of protecting our country. That is where the U.S. Army steps forward. And while there are many different branches in the army, none are more important than the Airborne Rangers. This task force is extremely difficult, but it is very important. Even more important than the job itself, are the skills needed to become a ranger. It is important to perfect these skills in the right type of training. The training to become a ranger is difficult, but the rewards can be great. Though before you can receive the moral and monetary rewards the come with being a ranger, there are certain personality traits that one needs to have before they can even consider becoming a part of the military’s finest. And once has those traits and becomes an Airborne Ranger, there are tools that one needs to succeed and advance in the career. As a part of the U.S. military, there are certain expectations that one is required to meet. One of the most important requirements is that of the dress code. And as with any career, there are many advantages and disadvantages that need one needs to consider before considering enlisting in the army, because once one if a part of the military, they are a part of it forever. An Airborne Ranger is a difficult and, at times, a very high stress job. It requires a lot of training and a great degree of dedication. Rangers have been an important part of history.... ... middle of paper ... ..."report for military assignments on short notice" (Military Careers 10). Though the most important quality for being involved in the military is the ability to lead while also following the leadership of others. And the most important time to follow the leadership of others is while in basic training. The task of becoming an Airborne Ranger can be difficult and filled with many challenges, but if one is able to overcome basic training it will make the task of everyday activities while at work relatively simple to accomplish. "Over 50 percent of soldiers who make it as far as Ranger School do not make it through to the end of the program and 60 percent of those soldiers, wash out within the first week" (75th Army...1). Of all of the training courses that the army offers the "Ranger school has been called the "toughest combat course in the world'" (75th Army...1).

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