Airasia Case Study

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1.1 Assess the business missions , visions , objectives , goal and core competencies on their strategic planning

Missions :
There are some missions of AirAsia . The first missions of AirAsia is they has been create a Association of South East Asian Nations , which is known as ASEAN product that has been admit by the whole world . The second missions of AirAsia is AirAsia’s employees also can behave towards as a member in their large family and AirAsia also wants to be an excellent business to let their employees to work for them.
Besides , the third mission of AirAsia is they try their best to maintain on the high standard brand . AirAsia also include some technology skills so that its can decrease their amount among the airlines in our
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AirAsia has try their best to advertisements and promotional activities because they need to emphasize with more and more crowded is the main purpose. The other main purpose is making the contention marketplace in the airline through the most cheapest amount of airfares is in addition to the national carrier of Malaysia Airline . Besides , AirAsia also have been notice as a high standard of entrust to the central of the brand positioning as the head in the most cheapest amount carrier in the area of Asia to let all passengers to travel all around the world . Last but not least , AirAsia has an idea of “Now Everyone Can Fly” since 2007 until now this is because AirAsia wants to provide and also supply the most cheapest airfares to every person with a different income level no matter rich or poor to to travel all aound the world more easily .
2.2 Perform a Strengths , Weakness , Opportunities , Threats ( SWOT ) Analysis
Strength : Every company have its own strengths . The first strength of AirAsia is most cheapest cost leader in our Asia among all the airline . AirAsia has also favourably to initiate a “low-cost airline mentality” among their staff with the support from the AirAsia Academy . AirAsia staff is all train to be more faithful and flexible
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