Air Pollution and Health

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There are a number of sources that can contribute to air pollution in Delhi, Beijng, and the Wasatch front of Utah. In Delhi pollutants include the use of biomass fuels for cooking indoors, mobile sources, and bacterial agents (Harris, 2014). In Beijing these pollutants include anthropogenic sources. These contain both stationary sources such as factory factory emissions, and mobile sources like automotive emissions (Wong, 2013). In Utah the pollutants are comprised of typical metropolitan pollutants that are worsened by geography and weather conditions (Frosch, 2013). These particles are comprised largely of primary and secondary fine combustion source particles (Arden, Hill & Martin Villegas, 1999). These particles can be from natural sources such as wind-blown dust, salt, and pollen. As well as anthropogenic sources, like the exhaust pipes on automobiles and other mobile sources (Brook, 2008).
Air pollution in Delhi unlike that of Bejing and Utah comes from sources more commonly seen in third world countries (Friis, 2012). The use of indoor stoves fueled by animal dung leads t...
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