Air Pollution Is A Contamination Of The Air We Breathe

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Air pollution is a contamination of the air we breathe. Every day, hundreds of millions of factories continue to burn fossil fuels, natural gases, and coal. In turn, these toxic pollutants cause this epidemic to only increase as the years go on. Emissions from factories are a major culprit of air pollution in this day and age. Burning of fossil fuels, including oil, coal, and natural gases are to blame. (1) Not to mention that burning fossil fuels are the leading cause smog, acid rain, and global warming. Though, we need them to power our homes and vehicles, there are very detrimental repercussions due to these necessities. Smog is a dangerous mix of fog, smoke, ozone, and other air pollutants. Air is normally supposed to get colder as it goes up, but due to greenhouse gases, the warm air traps a layer of cold air near the ground. Therefore, the smog can’t rise. (2) Smog is especially prevalent in large cities such as Los Angeles or Washington D.C.. China, one of the most polluted countries in the world, loses up to half a million of its citizens a year; due to complications related to pollution. Heavy blankets of smog linger in their air, making it not only hard to breathe, but also hard to see. On some days, China even has to issue ‘smog advisories,’ which urge many citizens to stay inside. (3) Not only is smog an issue, there is an issue just as serious, acid rain. Acid rain is any kind of precipitation that has become acidic due to absorbing polluted gasses. (4) When fossil fuels are burned nearby it greatly increases the chance of the precipitation in the area being affected. Acid rain is extremely destructive to anything in its path. When this dangerous form of precipitation strips soil and plants of their vital nutrients... ... middle of paper ... ...nths, years, or decades. A really easy and cost efficient solution to high electricity bills and wasting of energy is to use dark curtains during the summer months to block out the hot sun and use light ones during the winter the let the warm sun in! Another simple idea is to car pool or use public transportation. Not only will it save money, but it will save the air from less harmful exhaust. Limiting your time in the shower to 10 minutes or less and washing your clothes in cold water are some pain free solutions as well. (13) Air pollution is becoming a very serious issue that is overlooked and taken very lightly. If not taken care of now it could result in health problems for everyone in the future generations and lead to no clean air whatsoever. It’s so easy to take an initiative to save everyone from this bleak future, by thinking green with everything you do.

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