Air Pollutants

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A fleet of vehicles will have far reaching impacts; perhaps best known by the general public is the impact on air quality. Air pollutants may be released in a number of ways: first through evaporation during fueling, second through tailpipe emissions while a car is running, and third through chemical reactions occurring with byproducts or unused components emitted into the atmosphere.(Motor vehicles and toxic air pollutants. 2008) Typical chemicals released include benzene, toluene, xylenes, diesel particulate matter, and volatile organic compounds.(Motor vehicles and toxic air pollutants. 2008) In addition, formaldehyde and acetaldehyde may be produced in reactions with the air. (Motor vehicles and toxic air pollutants. 2008) While there are large variations in the composition of air in various locations due to urbanization and other factors, the EPA’s national databases suggest mobile causes as the primary sources of carbon monoxide, lead, and volatile organic compounds in the atmosphere.(Air emission sources. 2011) More specific information may be found for individual states. For example, in Maine the amount of carbon monoxide in the atmosphere is 60% contributable and nitric oxide is nearly 80% contributable to mobile emissions.(Effects of vehicle pollution. 2011) In New Hampshire, data suggests that approximately 40 percent of human health risk from some source of air pollutants comes from mobile sources. (Motor vehicles and toxic air pollutants. 2008) Many of the fleet air pollutants are associated with negative health consequences. For example, benzene, formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, and diesel particulate matter are all suspected carcinogens.(Air toxics from motor vehicles. August 1994) The EPA currently estimates t... ... middle of paper ... ...04.pdf Cohen, A. J., Ross Anderson, H., Ostro, B., Pandey, K. D., Krzyzanowski, M., Künzli, N., . . . Smith, K. (2005). The global burden of disease due to outdoor air pollution. Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health. Part A, 68(13-14), 1301-1307. Effects of vehicle pollution. (2011). Department of Environmental Protection: Maine, Motor vehicles and toxic air pollutants. (2008). New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services, Odukoya, O. O., Onianwa, P. C., & Sanusi, O. I. (2010; 2010). Effect of highways and local activities on the quality of underground water in Ogun state, Nigeria. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 168(1-4), 1-1-10. Transportation and air quality planning: Federal laws provide tools for change. (2008). New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services,
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