Air Force Human Resource Programs

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The greatest asset in any company is its people. Each of these prized resources comes from different backgrounds, religions, ages, educational levels and value systems. Because of employee diversity, being a Human Resource Manager within today's business world can be a lot like herding cats. This is especially true of Air Force Human Resource Managers or personnel specialist. The Air Force, unlike many civilian companies, rotates its personnel across the globe on a regular basis. Air Force leadership policies on personnel movements are established to ensure the addition of fresh expertise within an organization in order to maintain a high state of readiness. This places an elevated degree of responsibility on the Human Resource Managers to ensure each member within the unit maintains their focus on working as a team to achieve mission objectives. This paper will discuss a few of the Air Force's Personnel Programs, how these programs work to maintain good order and discipline, and the most significant program for the current stage of my career. The Air Force prides itself on being the most technologically advanced service in the world. Airmen serving today are highly trained and technically skilled. To maintain its worldwide superiority, the Air Force must recruit and retain the best the United States has to offer. To do this, the Air Force invests over $7,900 to recruit a single airman. Once an airman enlists on active duty, the Air Force spends over $35,000 to send them through Basic Military Training. Air Force Human Resource Managers know to attract talent in this demanding profession, they cannot invest in recruiting alone. They must also offer competitive wages and relevant benefits. The Department of Defense offer... ... middle of paper ... IV, the most crucial program in my life today is the Transition Assistance Program. Over the last five weeks, my eyes have been opened to the significant role Human Resource Managers play in all employees' lives. They have guided me throughout my 26 year career. Taking care of people is not easy but the Human Resource Management professionals within the Air Force make it look easy. They really take to heart that they are responsible for taking care of people. Works Cited Air Force Community. (2011). Transition Assistance Program. Retrieved from Huguley, C. (2009). Air Force Pamphlet 36-2241, Professional Development Guide. Retrieved from Ivancevich, J. M., (2010). Human Resource Management (11th Ed.). McGraw-Hill, New York. Primis Custom Publishing, 38503.
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