Air Brake

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The Air Brake was invented in 1869 by a 23 year old man named George Westinghouse. It is still used today in public transport to safely transport people. This essay will state the need and demand for the air brake, the originality, the use of the air brake and the changes it made to business and society. This smart invention was the most beneficial invention of the Industrial Revolution because it was a safer way of stopping transport.
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The Industrial Revolution saw the arrival of steam engines which started transport such as steam trains. The trains were used a lot for many different purposes like carrying goods and transporting people. This meant that they had to be safe to operate. Before the arrival of air brakes, there was a manual operation to brake where a brakeman would have to apply a hand brake to stop a moving train. The reasons for the demand of the air brake were economical and safer. Economical because there was no need for brake men. They were safer because of the easy application instead of gears, levers and brake fluid. George Westinghouse made t...