Aids and its History

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For the fast several years an AIDS vaccine has been the key focus in AIDS research. While the government sees the vaccine as a termination to the disease, but a portion of the public along with many renowned scientists from around the world would argue against a vaccine. The United Nations and the US military have threatened to administer a mandatory vaccine to children at the age of 12 and all military employees. Reports predict a massive resistance to a mandatory AIDS vaccine in the US. (www.newsmax.shtml) The Committtee to Protect Medical Freedom warned that the vaccine would infact put more people at risk of contracting the deadly disease. AIDS is not like polio or smallpox, which can occur randomly without any warning; the public already knows how to avoid this disease.
Coverage of ‘promising’ vaccines is extremely misleading, and those being tested so far appear harmful and dangerous. ( Even with the disparencies surrounding these vaccines, the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases is sponsoring an HIV vaccine test on babies born to HIV-infected mothers. The program has admitted that a small percentage of their trial applicants have indeed become infected, but now have access to the best medical care available. The available data on such vaccines gives no basis for testing on humans. Scientists and Government officials have been debating on this issue for many years now. However, the divergence of AIDS and HIV has a long and tedious history full of twists and turns and dead end roads.
Little to nothing was known about AIDS when it first erupted in the late 1970s. When the epidemic finally reached noticeable proportions in the early 1980s, numerous hypotheses emerged. “Theories attempting to explain the origin of the disease ranged from the comic to the bizarre: a deadly germ escaped from a CIA laboratory: God sent the plague down to punish homosexuals and drug addicts: it came from outer space, riding on the tail of a comet.” ( Though some of the theories were outlandish, a few hold ample evidence. Among the theories dismissed and rejected by the government were those of covert human medical experimentation and primate viruses. The government ignored all the dangerous viral creations that were genetically altered for cancer research, vaccine research, and secret biological warfare. ( There are claims that the polio vaccine given to Africans in the late 1950s was prepared using chimp kidney cells that were contaminated with the ancestor virus of HIV.
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