Aid for Africa

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The world, actually the land, is continuously moving and this is how continents occurred. With the occurrence of continents, continents’ and afterwards countries’ geographies were identified. At first, the geographical locations did not seem significant to people. However, when the discoveries began to arise and led to the Age of Discovery, geographies of countries started to shape the economic status. Nevertheless, geography was not the only factor that affects countries’ and even continents’ status. Fidelity to human rights, democracy; diplomatic, social and economic issues, harmony within the public occupied an important place during the process of developing, too. Considering all the issues with regard to development, Africa was obviously below the average; in other words, Africa was a poor continent which consists of poor countries. Even though the initiatives by helping Africa have not changed the wretched conditions yet, the right decision is to remain compassion: Wealthy nations and unions should help Africa because of justice, economic and health reasons.
To begin with, as Africa is facing with weak justice, aid for African people is required in order to provide democracy, prevent sexual violence and impunity. First and foremost, democracy is the indispensable item of justice because it urges to consider every individual equally. Providing that democracy remains without any chaos in Africa, there cannot be any interference in human rights. Therefore, democracy and human rights should be supported by the assistances for Africa. Secondly, the high frequency of sexual violence in Africa reveals the miserable fact that women’s rights are being violated and sexual assaults are creating remarkable disturbances. For example, w...

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...ts for Africa should not be withheld. In a nutshell, considering the health problems like the lack of food security, the absence of accessing to dispensaries and child mortality, helping to Africa is urgent.
Overall, since Africa cannot handle the poverty alone, rich nations and unions should supply aid for Africa due to justice, financial and health causes. It is clear that there is no time left to negotiate for other risky solutions while plenty of African people are facing with dreadful conditions. In spite of the people who support that there are more essential precautions to take before helping financially, the first aim should be to strengthen basic infrastructures and rescue Africa from the fatal poverty. Whether it is Africa’s fate or fault to be poor under today’s circumstances, assistance is critically important. As Shakira says, “This time for Africa.”
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