Aha Moment In My Life

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Do you ever have those moments in life? Those “aha” moments where you know your life will never be the same? The name was Adam Marvin, and every time he closed his eyes there he was, reliving his aha moment. He could tell deep in his bones that after his first encounter with this particular girl his life would be forever changed. He looked at her and that was all it took. Looking into her eyes was like letting anything bad that had ever happened to him slowly vanish into nothing. She was his relief. She was his bliss. She was Heroin Vikken. Adam was at the mall with his best friend Dave who was cluelessly looking for a gift for his girlfriend 's birthday which was in less than 24 hours. Dave had run off somewhere without him so he was leaning against the railing searching for his friend when she walked up and changed everything. “Beautiful isn’t it?” she asked, with a smirk on her face. “What?” he squeaked out. The girls question had startled him; he hadn’t noticed her walk up. “Don’t you think it’s beautiful? The way people interact with each other. I love standing here and watching everything go on around me. All these individuals with their own lives going on minding…show more content…
Every waking thought was about Heroin. He spent every second he possibly could by her side and those few moments he wasn’t felt like Hell. He sat there wondering what was different about her, to everyone else around him she seemed to be just a regular girl, but he was addicted. He couldn’t imagine living a life without her in it. He thought that a life without her just wouldn’t be worth living. Sometimes the love he felt concerned him, it consumed his every thought and terrified him to the bone. What would he do without her? Who would he become without her? What was this undeniable obsession with this particular human being? Dave kept telling him that the relationship was toxic, but the only thing that crossed Adam’s mind was Is this a relationship? What is

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