Agriculture The Worst Mistake Essay

Many events have been regarded as the biggest mistake in the history of mankind, however, the most unexpected mistake might be the adoption of agriculture. Today, we live completely different lives from the hunter-gatherers of the past. If mankind hadn’t begun the domestication and cultivation of plants and animals over 10,000 years ago, would the human condition be better or worse than it is now? It would be awfully hard to answer the question when compare now to 10,000 years ago. However, the answer becomes clearer when you look back at history when agriculture first came into practice. Progressivism is the idea human advancements always benefits the human condition. Although, since the introduction of agriculture, human condition has declined…show more content…
To mainstream archaeologist, the rise in population meant there was also a rise in human condition. Logically, this claim made sense, and it remained unchallenged for years. However, the claim was just an idea with very little backing to it. Eventually archaeologists began to dismantle the claim, and found evidence in support of a new idea. Agriculture devastated the human condition. This new claim completely opposed the older one. Agricultural advances were seen in a different light, no longer was it viewed as the most crucial point in human evolution, but as the worst mistake mankind has ever made.
There are numerous amounts of evidence that supports the claim that agriculture was in fact an immense mistake. “The Worst Mistake in the History of the Human Race”,
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Without a doubt, hunter-gatherers lived way healthier lives with sound, fair social structures. If agriculture wasn’t a human mistake, then the opposite would be true. Human condition did drop due to agriculture practices. However, it is easy to see how one would believe agriculture wasn’t a mistake. Agriculture lead to cities, which lead to empires, technological advances, and other luxuries. To say agriculture is a mistake, is equivalent to saying the human condition in the present would also be worse, when compared to a future society of hunter-gatherers. Of course, there is no direct way to prove this, but based on evidence from the past hunter-gatherers always lived healthier lives than their farming counterparts. In the end, agriculture wreaked havoc on the human condition, and became the worst mistake in all of

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