Agriculture As An Agriculture Teacher

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Agriculture is My Culture Agriculture has a story to be told, plain and simple. As agriculturalists, it is our responsibility to not only produce food for over seven billion people around the world, but also to teach and inform about the agriculture industry and how it benefits us as a society. Like many, I became interested in the agriculture industry through membership in both 4-H and FFA and experiences such as showing livestock, competing in meats judging, holding leadership positions, and preparing for my future career starting as a young person. Those experiences were able to capture my interest in agriculture, and set me on the path to have a college major, and career within the industry. Until about two years ago, I had said that I wanted to be an agriculture teacher. Serving as an agriculture teacher is the goal that many of us who fell in love with agriculture at a young age set to one day be role models to their own students, just as our teaches once did for us. Not exactly a bad plan, but eventually, I came to realize that the best teachers I ever had were those who had real world experience in their fields before teaching, and considered this fact. As a young person already involved in the industry, I had experiences such as those mentioned above and others such as the chance to work with agricultural organizations and promote its story in a positive light in the news media that presented me another path to follow, still in the agriculture industry, which will provide me a fulfilling first career in both my academic major and large area of interest, agricultural communications. In five years, I see myself as someone who has graduated with her Bachelor’s degree and who has established a successful career as an agri... ... middle of paper ... ...ommunity along with managing my home life do not allow me much time to work although I do have a small freelance job noted above and on my application, and right now I am relying on a small savings fund and scholarships such as yours to help me finance my education and in turn future agricultural ventures. As someone who loves what she does with a full plate already, I do not really want to give up any of what I do to have to work to pay for school, which is why I seek out scholarships like this to seek funding based on my achievements in and out of the classroom. I am also a first generation student hailing from a single parent home. Receiving this scholarship would be a blessing to me, as it would help relieve some of the burden of my educational costs for the coming year, and would allow me to continue making agriculture my culture through my activities and career.
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