Agricultural Literacy At A Very Young Age

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When you were young, perhaps you played with toys that involved farm animals, a tractor, or learning to identify colors using fruits and vegetables. You were probably given these with hopes that you would not only enjoy them, but also become familiar with these bizarre objects, perhaps even driving your parents crazy with the endless spinning of the wheel that makes animal noises when the lever is pulled, as my cousin is famously known for in family anecdotes. Or perhaps you were like me and preferred either the real thing when it comes to animals or something a little more complicated than a toy like I was. Either way, we as young children, probably thought these toys were just for fun. Well, jokes on us, because these agricultural themed toys served such a bigger purpose than a few hours of fun. These miniature tractor and plastic farm animals introduced us to the agriculture industry, and began helping us develop something known as agricultural literacy at a very young age. Wait…literacy? Isn’t that something that involves reading? Nope, the term literacy is us...

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