Agricultural Chemistry

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Agriculture is a very important part of human life. There are a lot of important things that connect to agriculture, Chemistry is one of them. With the use of chemistry people have been able to be more productive in agriculture. Everything from what we eat to what we wear to some degree has been perfected or enhanced though the use of chemistry in agriculture. Chemistry is used to prepare the soil, fertilize the plant, protect it and even distrbute it.

Agriculture can be a complicated process. To obtain the best results and the best production it is very important to have good soil. In a lot of cases that is not always the case and farmers really have to depend on the use of chemistry to come up with the best products that will allow the soil used to be fertile. Preparing the soil thru the use of chemically enhanced products really allows crops to grow more abundantly.

Once a farmer ensures that the crops will grow abundantly they depend on the use of chemistry to produce chemicals or fertilizer that will ensure that the crops are well grown. . Fertilizers play a major role in agriculture because of the way they help produce very large yields of crops with the smallest amounts of chemicals. Fertilizers help the growth of crops so you end up with a bigger production. Chemical fertilizers like ammonium sulphate, urea, calcium, and nitrate are used for the better production of crops so that they can grow healthier Chemists have to ensure that these fertilizers they produce will not only be effective in the growth of the plant but they also have to be nontoxic due to the fact that the plant ususally fruits or vegetables will be consumed by people.

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...s in their environment.( )The sciences of chemicals are involved in the production, protection, and use of crops and livestock all over the United States. ( )

Now there are even some types of chemicals that increase the production rate of livestock. For example there are many scientists that have studied these experiments of chemicals on animals and some have been successful. Chemistry is very important throughout the agricultural community. There are even people going to universities to major in agricultural chemistry.

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