Agreeableness And Personality

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Agreeableness correlates most proficiently with benevolence. Personality traits and human values are significant psychological aspects, which are examined to be vital predictors of numerous outcome variables in many contexts. The prevailing perspectives of the relationship between traits and values provide a theoretical foundation in understanding the asset of their relationship. The set hypothesis based on the theoretical frame would be that there is a positive association between the agreeableness type personality and the basic personal value benevolence. The measurement invariance for the personality dimension was conducted by the Big Five Inventory. Whereas the personal value of Benevolence was measured by the Portrait Value Questionnaire.…show more content…
Whereas, personal values have usually been more peripheral (Hofstee, 1944 and Swartz, 1994). The big five factor structure is known to be universal across cultures (Mcrae and Costa, 1997). The consistent positive association and relationship is between the personality trait agreeableness and socially orientated values; benevolence (Parks-Leduc et al., 2015). Agreeableness is one of the factors of the Big Five personality theory (Costa and Mcrae, 1992). A person who expresses a prominent level of agreeableness with a personality trait test are perceived as sympathetic, considerate, trusting, friendly and socially interactive.
Personal values have played a significant role in psychology, used to characterize cultural group, societies and individuals to explain the motivational bases of attitudes and behaviours. Benevolence values highlights voluntary care for others’ welfare (Maslow, 1965). It is an activity of intention to support and benefit another person that is in frequent personal contact
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Figure 1 displays the relationship between Agreeableness trait and Benevolence value. The median agreeableness score was 34 with a range of 27. The mean (+ s.d.) agreeableness data score was 34.41 (5.2). Whereas, the median score for benevolence value was 5.5 with a range of 2.7. In addition, the mean (+ s.d.) benevolence value data set score was 5.22 (.69).

Figure 2 – spearman’s test presenting statistically significant correlation of the trait and value.
Figure 2 displays a spearman’s test conducted on the data portrayed there is a significant positive correlation between Agreeableness trait and Benevolence value (r = .285 N = 149 p < .001, two-tailed).
The hypothesis for the test was that there would be a relationship between the trait agreeableness and basic human value benevolence was
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