Agrarian reform

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Gilded Age Reforms and their Influence in Today’s Society. Due to the rapidly growing steel, oil, and numerous other manufacturing industries the United States went through a massive industrialization phase. (Divine 893) By the 1900s the United States had become a world power and a major producer of goods (Divine 906). While mainly everyone in America was experiencing prosperity, the farmers were having economic troubles. The Gilded Age populist movement arose from the plight of the 19th century farmers and gave birth to the Progressive Era reforms. Concerned about social and economic problems that plagued the nation and its citizens, the populist/agrarian reformers decided to make a change by addressing the many problems; such as outrageous tariffs, high debts, home foreclosures, deflation, and railroad rates throughout the nation, the three major problems were free silver, railroad rates, and overproduction. By seeking radical demands (class notes), the reformers influenced political change and had significant outcomes in the government’s role of the economy and monetary policy. On...
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