Agora Cyber Charter School Benchmarks of Academic Performance

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Agora Cyber Charter School, the largest virtual public school in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is both trendsetting and challenged in today’s education marketplace. Founded in 2005 to provide families an alternative, high-quality educational option to the traditional public school, Agora serves the learning needs of nearly eleven thousands student across the Commonwealth. As a public school, within its own district, it provides a full range of educational, community, and ancillary services to all of its students, regardless of racial, religious, socio-economic or demographic status. Providing services in primarily a virtual environment has unique challenges for all stakeholders. Many considerations are made to guarantee the most appropriate programming is being used so that the needs of vastly differing populations are met. Along with appropriate programming, the school must maintain fidelity to academic achievement, as set forth by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. In order to meet this challenge Agora Cyber Charter employees multiple tools to ensure that is students are making adequate progress toward the schools goal of academic excellence. Benchmarking Tools Because of the unique environment in which we educate our students, Agora is under the scrutiny of the Pennsylvania Department of Education. As a virtual charter school, the school answers directly to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, which grants its charter. Agora educates children from all sixty-seven counties of the Commonwealth; those students come from a variety of socio-ecomonic, cultural and educational experiences. The challenge is in determining current levels of students and then enveloping those students into a culture of excellence and accountabilit... ... middle of paper ... ...rong precedent; a student that simply attempts material is not an acceptable academic performance outcome. Study Island is a viable, research-based tool, that when fully applied could provide an additional avenue for instruction, enrichment, and intervention, driven by the needs of the individual student. Works Cited (2011). Performance series diagnostic assessment . (202-568-028 ed.) [Brochure]. Scantron. Retrieved from (2012). Department strategic plan - middle school (6-8). Agora Cyber Charter School. (2013). Aimsweb. (5349 01/13 F01901BR ed.). Pearson Inc. Retrieved from Pssa preparation. (2013). Retrieved from

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