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As people age, there are many physical changes that can be observed as well as problems that begin to develop. Those big changes are the ones that people are most focused on, but here, the focus will be on what exactly the effects of aging are on the DNA itself. People are born with their set of DNA already put into place, it’s there. Aging however, plays a role in how some of those genes are expressed as well as aids in the function level of those genes.

Aging is inevitable, and with that, changes to the DNA and how things change in the way they work is also something that can’t be prevented. As people age, the number of damaged and unrepaired cells that have altered DNA accumulate, causing problems³. Because these damaged cells are accumulating, the aging person becomes more at risk for diseases like cancer, which cause even more mutated cells that can alter the DNA. As those cells take over more and more, they can take further control over the genetic sequences the person had to begin with. These changes leave the body in a more vulnerable state and then leave the aging person at an even higher risk for other diseases. This shows that although aging has effects on DNA, DNA also has huge effects on aging and the rate at which people age. Aging also has the effect of changing some of the gene expressions in DNA. The genome for any living thing is always unstable to an extent. This is how it will always be because it is so intricate and there are so many different sequences that one little change can make everything go wrong. As people age, the effect on the stability of the genome is that it makes the genome more unstable. Within the brain in particular, it has been noted that as people age, the function slows down which can c...

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...e very much focused on the phenotype, the physical expression of the genes rather than what it is that is causing those changes within the DNA. These physical changes all have a lot to do with the DNA and how the body is processing things and the level at which it is functioning. As we age, things start to die off and there is less of almost everything, people really kind of slow down in every aspect of the word. Aging, especially when entering those late years in life, causes a lot of vulnerability that can be dangerous for producing more mutations within the body cells. There are many changes that are taking place, such as DNA count in the mitochondria, different mutations that are building up, and other big risk factors that greatly effect a person. Things like stress and previously documented illnesses can speed up this process and also be harmful to the DNA.
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