Aging As A Mental Issue

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Aging comes naturally and people should not be frighten be it. As it turns out the fear of this process is enough to speed it up. The negative attitude is a very powerful factor in this process and has a great effect on the physical aspect of aging. It is enough to put people into deep depression or lose their confidence with many other things like good posture. On the other hand maintaining a positive thinking can really slow the process down. In fact it can do miracles, regular exercises and healthy diet can bring new life. Often people feel threatened by aging and put a hold on their lives, while they should be constantly evolving as they go through life. With positive thinking, it is all possible. This paper will show that despite aging process will eventually take its toll, people have the mental power to turn it into a fulfilling experience.
Aging means change, a process which is inevitable. The real problem is that people tend to see it in a negative way. They feel threatened by aging and tend ‘slow’ down their lives since they aged. This type of negative thinking does not have any future. People tend to give up on their daily exercise and they sometimes forget about their healthy eating. In their mind, a light went off, meaning their prime is over, it is time to switch to a more laid back lifestyle. It is time to think about the retirement plans and forget about those exercises, they will only make you tired. What is the point of a healthy diet at this age? A slim p...

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