Ageing And Gerontology Case Study

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Section 3-Ageing and Gerontology
Ageing has been defined as the collection of changes that render human beings progressively more likely to die (Medawar, 1952). In short it is the process of changes, which can be physical, psychological and social that results in a person becoming older. These changes are often seen across early years, middle years and later years. The aging process happens during a person’s lifespan. We are all involved in this process and no one can escape from it. When one is young, ageing is associated with growth, maturation, and sometimes stereotypes may be formed about ageing and older people. Ageing can be measured in chronological age or years , universal age which looks at primary, secondary and tertiary years
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Suggestions for improving physical, social and institutional infrastructure are numerous and ongoing, but lifelong learning, access to information and communication technology for the elderly is needed to challenge stereotypes and negative portrayals of the elderly.
The strengthening of social protection is required for older people is needed to ensure that they live active full lives. Specific public policies are needed encouraging quality of life and well-being of older people such as health care protection.
The ecology of disease is the study of a disease which is the environment in which it lives and its relationship with the environment. Our society includes more people above the age of fifty than below it. The study of the affects of ageing looks at survival and mortality and the associated physical, cogitative, physical disorders and diseases that are associated with ageing. It is accepted that both personal and environmental sources contribute to the ageing process and have an impact on it. Promoting good health in later years also is important
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However now more than ever, there is now a focus on mindfulness and self-awareness and the impact stress has on people and their health.

Section 10-Self-Reflection and Conclusion
In conclusion this project has encouraged me to think about ageing and what it is to be older.
I myself do not associate age with a number more in a social aspect, expected behaviours in a certain way at a certain age. The myths about ageing as discussed in class were all familiar to me however it was interesting to read the survey undertaken by ARK to see that in fact many of these statements were in facts myths and could be statistically disproved with ease.

The theory behind the ageing process was interesting to explore as there are solid arguments for “Wear and Tear Theory” and for biological programmed theories and after completing the project I could argue that the ageing process is in fact a combination of the two theory types and not just one.

The interplay of the PESTS factors on ageing have a huge impact on ageing issues and public policy and will continue to impact upon the lives of older people for years to come as society now has changed and older people now have an increased life expectancy and are
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