Age of Maturity

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Any given age that reaches to their teenage years and left behind their childhood, should be able to prove themselves they are ready or not for certain things that the law prohibits. To be a matured being, one must not fully developed physically, but the mind as well. Only then, someone is ready to take a big step to a life changing event or access to things that usually deemed innapropriate for children.
Many citizens, young or old, have been arguing about which would be the appropriate age of maturity. A numberous amount of high school students at the age of 16 or above have the rights to learn how to drive. By the time they reach the age of 18, the United States legally classifies them as adults and gain access of what most adults can do and what minors couldn't. That is, drinking is still considered restricted to anyone under the age 21. Any person that has finally reach the becoming of a matured and responsible individual should be considered to drink or drive, as they are more capable of containing their actions.
There are a few reasons why any proof of maturity can grant permission for any access for anything intended for a matured audiance. First, Video games has ratings of the contents it has. The suggestive themes could be too strong for anyone young, but nowadays, many children has been playing violent video games, yet there are no signs of the video games directly scarring anyone to the extreme as anyone from the media claims. If they are responsible with their actions, then they prove to not just their parents or guardians, but to anyone older that they will not be affected to such extremes. Second, being in a social event or gathering. There are places that requires a guardian. They put up the ages so no child wou...

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... are smart so the group would be more fitting.
Becoming an adult doesn't require the age of becoming one. Its time and development what makes one takes the rites of passage to adulthood. The age limits is all but an excuse of having control of becoming an adult. It is more fitting if someone who wishes they can gain access to driving or drinking if they know they are responsible enough to handle it. As a child, they won't be matured enough to drink or to drive, but at least they are there are some on their way in development. They need to be ready to become adults, not because the law gives permission on becoming one. Maturity should be earned than given to. If someone is wise enough and capable enough to drive, let them drive. If any adult can handle their alcohol, by all means, drink responsibly. It’s by the actions and responsibility a child can become an adult.