Age Discrimination In The Elderly Research Paper

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This paper offers an insight on the types of age discrimination the elderly population face. The extent of this paper is to address some of the most common issues that are affecting the lives of our aging population. Various examples are given in hopes of opening the eyes of the reader to discrimination and bringing about change to enrich the lives of the elderly. Reflections of Discrimination in the Elderly Population Discrimination of the elderly happens all over the world. Many people use discriminative words to incorrectly report on the elderly. What many people tend to forget, is that despite their age, seniors are people full of life that are merely experiencing senescence, a change, that if we all live long enough, we will all experience. In this paper, I will explore how the elderly are treated and address some of the issues such as ageism, racism, sexism, poverty and heterosexism that effect their way of life.
Ageism, in our youth
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Poverty is a huge problem in the senior population and it greatly impacts their quality of life. Poverty isn’t selective, it doesn’t discriminate, it affects all races and sexes in every part of the world. One of the biggest factors, in the United States, pushing the elderly into poverty is the cost of healthcare (Williamson, 2013, para 5). Another issue driving the elderly into poverty is the lack of affordable housing options. Oftentimes, people end up spending a huge amount of their life savings and retirement on housing, leaving them with very little to afford life’s essentials. In my opinion, finding a solution to affordable healthcare and housing would be a step in the right direction. It would greatly help if more healthcare facilities would offer care on a sliding scale to seniors based on income. This would help seniors who can’t afford medical care, obtain care on a more frequent
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