Age Discrimination Essay

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Every workplace has different types of discrimination among them. Discrimination in a company can come from different approaches such as the form of sex, religion, race, sexuality, and the most likely to be looked over is age. Age discrimination can be the most damaging in a company but can also be less likely to be identified. There can be different kinds of –isms (sexism, racism) in a company but many don’t know that “Ageism” can be very destructive. To add on to age discrimination, race comes into play too. Company’s can also have a bias about people of different races that are a certain age such as older Hispanics and African Americans. The issue at hand is, does Ageism (age discrimination) affect the workplace as much as we think and how does it affect the people that are being discriminated. The first article is about age discrimination, job separations, and employment status of older workers, which was evidence from self-reports. Richard W. Johnson and David Neumark wrote the article. To assess the impact of age discrimination on job separations and employment status, they analyzed data from the National Longitudinal Survey of Older Men (NLSOM). The NLSOM collected information in 1966 on a national probability sample of 5,020 men between the ages of 45 and 59. They were surveyed periodically until 1983, at ages that range from 62 to 76. They interview each person about their labor force participation. The method they used was the measured the impact of age discrimination, they estimated discrete-time hazard models of job separation, and employment status. The authors came to the conclusion that 7 percent of their sample of older male workers report that they experienced age discrimination in the workplace. Workers who rep... ... middle of paper ... ... in their 20’s because of the lack of experience and the lack of commitment they would give to the company. Another surprising factor of age discrimination is that is can connect to race discrimination too. People have devoted a lot of research on race discrimination but age discrimination has been very low on the totem pole. The last effect that age discrimination can have on a company is a sort of “brain drain.” If you fire or get rid of all your older employees, there can be a loss of great wisdom of how the company works. Even though researchers have look at age discrimination, I think they should spend more time on how it affects a company in general, not just the economy as a whole. Also, there should be more research on the common occurrence of ages discrimination and how it could be bad for the economy, or how age discrimination as change since the 1990’s.
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