Against The Odds: ICT In Nigeria

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Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa and is often termed as “the giant of Africa.” The inception of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) as the greatest achievement of human evolution is gaining grounds in all areas of life and Nigeria is exploring the benefits of ICT in various ways. Information and communication in Nigeria dates as far back as the 1905's with a focus on print and electronic media (Idowu et al 2). ICT is a progressing system of development that has a major role to play in developing countries in Africa most especially Nigeria. Although it poses as a threat to the economy and the development of the nation, it provides itself with more advantages. ICT which is the keystone of development is important in developing countries, therefore Nigeria as a developing country stands to gain more from it than it has to lose. Internet, telecommunication and multimedia (Televisions) are the major area of ICT development in Nigeria.

Internet is the most outstanding information and communication technologies that exist because it connects individual users to a virtual shared network which information such as videos, music and news can be accessed free irrespective of one's location. According to Langmia et al, “In relation to the freedom internet provides, it has been both a help and hindrance”(256). Before the inception of the internet long distance communication with telephones and post offices were expensive, unreliable, stressful and time consuming such as sending an urgent mail (letter) from Yola to Lagos through post office. The best case scenario for the mail to reach its destination is five days to a week because of transportation and delivery. The introduction of electronic mail service (e-mail), wh...

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