Against Nuclear Tests

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On the morning of August 6, 1945, first ever nuclear armed force was carried out by the United States of America in Japan. Three days later, another one was dropped. Hiroshima and Nagasaki have suffered nuclear explosions, causing immediate deaths of around 100,000 to 200,000 people and even more over time which was and remains controversial. Nuclear warhead is a device which ejects radioactive isotopes (massive heat) with a diameter as large as a metropolis within fraction of a second killing everyone around it. Countries spend dollars on these nukes which in turn kills thousands of innocent people, the aftermath of its devastating force contaminate the environment, and may very well cause mutation on humans. These are the reasons why no country should practice any nuclear devices for any purpose. Country spends billions of dollars to develop nuclear tests which will benefit no one on this planet. Each country strives to be superior to others by developing stronger armed devices which other countries cannot counteract. This concludes that there are no other vital uses for these warheads other than war. The quantity of lives lost in wars cannot be compared to the elimination of nuclear bomb. There are people who are against wars and families who live peacefully still suffer. Also many children’s lives that have no conscious of what is happening are being destroyed. It’s not right for the innocent people to suffer for other’s wrong actions. It’s a matter of seconds that such device can destroy a city. The purpose this device holds for developed countries is to kill, but from the perspectives of third world countries, it’s all bad news for the nature of this planet. Plants cannot be sowed around the area of Hiroshima. It has been 60 years and the soil is still radioactive. After the bombing of Japan, residues of the bomb float around in the atmosphere and may very well blown to other country and affect other people. This device limits land usage and also clearing of trees and plants (deforestation). Habitats are destroyed as well as families and animals are lost. If several more bombs were dropped, the planet would become off balance. Then humans as well as animals cannot live on Earth. The death toll of nuclear bombing will always be uncertain. This is not an average explosion where victims can walk away with minor injuries. The explosion gives off Uranium or Plutonium rays which will penetrate through human skins and either destroys or does severe damage to the body’s DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid).
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