Against Limiting Individual Freedom

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Against Limiting Individual Freedom Individual freedom is one of the primary reasons our country was founded. Fed up with legislation such as the Quartering Act and Townsend Duties, our Founding Fathers penned the Declaration of Independence in order to establish a nation where everybody has the right to pursue happiness. However, people now feel that there should be limits on individual freedoms. It seems when one person's views offend them, they think a law should be written to prohibit those views. What they do not understand is that legislation limiting individual freedom only opens the door to limiting important freedoms in the future. Individual freedoms such as the freedom of speech, gay marriage, and freedom of religion should never be limited as long as they do not have a noticeable directly negative effect on the rest of society. Many people would choose to restrict the freedom of speech. Parents are outraged when TV shows used expletive words. Schools and libraries install internet filters to prevent children from material they deem "inappropriate". What they do not realize is that ensuring that their child is sheltered from obscenity is their responsibility, not the government's. Additionally, giving up freedom for security is dangerous. Benjamin Franklin once said, "Those who give up essential liberties for security deserve neither security nor liberty." (Franklin) In the novel Anthem, the Saint of the Pyre was executed for
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