Against Legalizing Homosexual Marriages

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Against Legalizing Homosexual Marriages The legalized marriage of individuals with the same gender is drawing more attention these days. When asked, most people want to avoid the subject of homosexuality altogether or they have a very strong opinion on it. The debate over whether the United States should allow homosexual couples to marry legally is giving rise to a new social dilemma in our country. This question has courtrooms nervous, churches wavering and equal rights activists angry. Courtrooms should be nervous though. "Our courts, which have mishandled abortion, may be on the verge of mishandling homosexual marriages" (Wilson 34). The judges of the Supreme Court of Hawaii might possibly legalize gay marriages in the near future. Once legalized in Hawaii, "gay marriage -- like quickie Nevada divorces -- will have to be recognized 'under the full faith and credit clause of the constitution' throughout the rest of the U.S." (Krauthammer). Make no mistake about it, however, we must not grant the protection and privileges of legalized marriage to people involved in homosexual relationships. Period! For clarification purposes, "gay" shall refer to all homosexual people, whether male or female. The definition of "Marriage" is two individuals, bound to each other through a legal union that stresses the rights and obligations of the state of marriage. If the government legalizes homosexual marriages in Hawaii, homosexual couples will be able to fly to Hawaii, get married, and then return to their home state as a lawfully wedded couple. According to the "full faith and credit clause" in the United States Constitution, states such as Kansas would have to honor these unions. Homosexuality in itself does not seem to be ... ... middle of paper ... ...der to stop this degradation to our society. Our children are counting on us to make intelligent decisions about their futures. Bibliography: Works Cited Anonymous Author. "Homosexuality Acceptance Increases According To Poll." Jet Magazine. 15 April 1996: 8. Ettelbrick, Paula L. "Marriage Is Not a Path to Liberation." Homosexuality: Opposing Viewpoints. Ed. William Dudley. Chicago: Greenhaven, 1993. 177-183 Frame, Randy. "Seeking a Right to the Rite." Christianity Today. 4 March 1996: 64-66, 72-73. Knight, Robert. "Homosexuals Should Have Greater Parental Rights." Homosexuality: Opposing Viewpoints. Ed. William Dudley. Chicago: Greenhaven, 1993. 192-197 Krauthhammer, Charles. "When John and Jim say, I do." Time Magazine. 22 July 1996: 102. Wilson, James Q. "Against Homosexual Marriage." Commentary. March 1996: 34-39.

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