Against Animal Rights Essay

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Argument against Animal Rights
In this world there are many moral issues that we come across in our daily life. This paper compacts with ethical and moral problems with argument on animals rights. My approach will be against animal rights. Animals are one of the integrate part in this world, they are one of the important part in the human life as well, but according to Tibor R. Machan, animals are not sort of beings with basic rights to life, liberty, and property, whereas human being, in the main, are just such beings. I am a meat lover and I get my protein and other important nutrient, along with some essential vitamins and minerals from meat. Humans are closely connected with animals. We eat animals meat for food, use their skins for clothes,
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World is facing different kinds of dangerous disease all the time, and scientist are trying their best to come out with the right medicine and drug for the newly born diseases and those disease whose medicine has come yet like cancer. It might be dangerous to test those new drug on human beings therefore scientist uses animals for testing the drugs. Most of the important drugs has be found after using it on animal and that has saved lots of lives till now , it proves that this act of using animals for finding appropriate drugs has brought happiness in many peoples life and those medicines will continue to play vital role in humans life for a long run. Similarly, animals are used by astronomers for their research, like they send the dog in the moon, which is still one of the greatest achievement in the mankind history. Therefore, human beings should use animals for mankind benefits and experiments, for better future and better life for all the human beings.

1. Act Utilitarianism Principle
2. There is scale of importance in nature, and among all the various kinds of being, human beings are the most important-even while it is true that some members of the human species may indeed prove themselves to be the most vile and worthless, as well.(Pg. 150)
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Animals have no rights and their interests do not count equally with those of human beings.(pg. 147)
4. One reason for the propriety of our use of animals is that we are more important or valuable than other animals and some of our projects may require animals for them to be successful. (pg.150)
5. Human beings has greater importance or value in the nature therefore we make use of other animals for our purpose. (pg.150)
6. Normal Human life involves moral tasks, and that is why we are more important than other beings in nature, we are subject to moral appraisal, it is a matter of our doing whether we succeed or fail in our lives.(pg.151)
7. The process that leads to our success involves learning, among other things, what it is that nature avails us with to achieve our highly varied tasks in life, clearly among the highly varied tasks could be some that make judicious use of animals-for example, to find out whether some medicine is safe for human use, we might wish to use animals.(pg.151)
8. There is no valid place for rights in the non-human world, the world in which moral responsibility is for all practical purposes absent. (pg.151)
9. Animals are not sort of beings with basic rights to life, liberty, and property, whereas human being, in the main, are just such beings.
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