Ag-Gag Laws in Iowa

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From generation to generation, man has been taught that laws are in place to help society not to harm it, but the recent laws that have been passed in states such as Iowa are doing just the opposite. In past few years, undercover investigations have revealed inhumane and unhealthy actions going on in meat processing facilities. Those investigations though were not done by government agencies, but charitable organizations whose purpose is to fight for the rights of animals. When the government agencies do investigate as Peter Singer and Jim Mason brought up in “Meat and Milk Factories,” the investigators are not always able to enforce the policies enacted by the agencies. To add on to that fact, this new law from Iowa stops any person from making an untrue statement on an application in order to work at an animal facility. Those people could possibly be charged with a “class D felony,” which has a punishment of five years of imprisonment and a fine of $750 to $7,500 (Flynn). The passing of this law has begun the start of “Ag-Gag” laws appearing around the country. These laws are being made with the corrupted ideas from the current generation that everything will work out in the end because someone else will fix it. The question is what if everyone has that idea that someone else will work on the problem and no one does. There is a chance that when things get out of control though that it will make the public force the change of everything so that feel safer. If laws like the Iowa keep getting passed than, the people around the world may just be scared to even eat the food that is served for them.
The people who make it his or her goal to show the spotlight on these animal processing plants so that the nation can consume...

... middle of paper ... food or do they truly believe that ignorance is bliss.

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