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I rested my head up against the frosted window feeling the cool December temperature against my forehead. The bus hums to a stop and signalis traffic to slow down. I watch as a young bundled up boy stands up and shuffles down the aisle, stopping only to heave his backpack onto his shoulder again and say thank you to the busdriver. I can smell the diesel fumes that surround the boy as he walks to his mail box. In one hand he grabs a pile of envelopes and shifts through them mindlessly. He then reaches deeper into the mailbox and brings out a set of keys. The last thing I see as we pull away is the boy, no older than my third grade brother, letting himself into an empty house. The Importance of Afterschool Programs is so that kids aren’t going home to an empty house by themselves after school. After school programs not only provide fun activities for kids, they also prove to be a safe and educational environment for kids of all ages. During our interview with Tanya Peterson,the coordinator of the After-School Adventure Program for kids in kindergarten through fifth grade at Park Rapids Century Elementary School, we asked about the schedule for a regular day. She explained that the kids and the mentors meet at the cafetorium, then start with free time to let the kids play for the first forty-five minutes. The next half of an hour is dedicated to doing homework. The mentors are high schoolers that work on homework, and play games with kids. Afterschool programs are very beneficial to kids, they’re safe, they teach the kids proper peer interaction, and even extend to good study habits. The problem in Park Rapids is that there are so few programs for kids. Tanya Peterson said “... I have almost 90 kids on the roster so we have a... ... middle of paper ... ... they receive homework help, and get to socialize with their peers and with their mentors who they look up too for guidance. But Park Rapids has limited activities for younger kids. By educating parents on the importance of the after school programs we will be able to expand the amount of support for the programs. Giving kids more programs and more options to better themselves and keep them in a safe environment. Works Cited "Afterschool Programs: Making a Difference." Afterschool Alliance. Afterschool Alliance. Web. 6 Jan 2014. . Barnett, Rosalind C., and Karen C. Gareis. "Report Of Findings Community, Families & Work Program." Parental After-School Stress Project. The Community, Families & Work Program Brandis University, 08 Apr 2004. Web. 6 Jan 2014. Peterson, Tanya. Personal Interview. 20 Dec 2013.

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