After Cliff Baxter

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a) After Cliff Baxter committed suicide, a note was found. In the note to his family he wrote with shame of how he once took great pride in doing the right thing. He wrote that the pride was gone and he felt he could be of no use to his family. He expressed love and asked for his family's forgiveness. I believe the film tried to make Baxter look like the initial voice of morality that was being moulded into the “corporate bad guy”. Baxter committed suicide because he felt as if he was becoming greedy, dishonest and going against his morals. Unlike the other Enron elites, he couldn’t deal with the person he had become and his guilt took over his thoughts and he could no longer continue on.

b) I believe that Enron’s top executives, mainly Lay and Skilling, are mainly to blame for the Enron collapse. Lay and Skilling were surely able to lead an effective and efficient company, but they lacked self- control and let their greed get the best of them. They encouraged a competitive environment that, a survival of the fittest mentality, causing employees to constantly worried about their j...
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