African Femininity In Film Analysis

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African Femininity in Film Throughout history, travel and fascination of the unknown has enticed Western travelers to try new things and have encountered Africa with great interest in their resources. However due to the limited views from historical Western explorations and colonialism, Africans have been generally underrepresented and kept in the background in Western dominant films of Africa. More specifically, African femininity is marginalized throughout the dominant media and films of the Western world through fallacious representations being fused into the stereotypical exotic Africa subject to Western men. African femininity has been marginalized throughout Western films of Africa and reduced in relation to Western men, women and African…show more content…
In Pieces D’Identites, there is more agency and focus given to a female African character than most films. For example, there are more speaking roles and complexities in the characters, which were not put into consideration before in Western films of Africa. In the film, the African female characters are righteous and principled, but have their mistakes too because they are human after all. Mwana is educated and civilized, where she began her studies in Belgium at a young age to become a doctor along with her African female friend, Safi. Both are respectful ladies, but Mwana has had her share of mistakes: going to prison and disconnecting with her father, Mani Kongo. In fact she got into trouble due to Viva-wa-Viva, by helping him out she got the end of the stick. Through the film Mwana is able to tell her side of the misconceptions that may have been attached to her and start a relationship with Chaka-Jo where she can share her dreams and good intentions. The sincerity she has towards her own hometown is conveyed through her saving money to open a hospital there. Mwana is upright and does not dismiss the policeman’s derogatory, vulgar remark about not kissing an African woman before and slapping him shows that African women have the power to stand up against intolerable behavior they experience. The incredible interest in African women are seen through Jefke Schengen’s crass behavior towards Mwana and the club where it holds “African Nights” so former colonial officers can relive their exotic fantasies associated with Africa. Previously it is portrayed in Western films that it was thought that African women had great interest in Western males, not the other way. No matter how difficult in a position she is put under there is still agency and dignity in her character. At the opposite spectrum of the film, it does show

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