African Art

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African Art

The painting is made by an african artist. You can tell by the colours

used in the painting and the style of clothes that are worn that it

comes from an african background. The painting is quite abstract

because of the shapes. The shapes have curved lines but the way the

shapes are used are like 'block shapes', as if the shapes are making

up the painting. The painting is more about the colours used. Each

random shape has got tonal colour. The colours used are bright ranging

from blue and red, mixed with dark tones. The painting doesn't depict

a realistic image because it doesn't seem like a proffesional

painting. It doesn't show any great detail and only shows more

emphasis on the colour. The colours give the painting a warm

atmosphere, it does use cold colours such as green and blue but they

are mixed in with the warm colours such as orange and purple. The

painting depicts a scene from a cartoon or something similar. It's the

type of painting you would see in a child's book.

The painting is made from chalk pastels and chalk and charcoal, with

the use of smudging and blending. The painting does give a general

impression and it is clear as to what it is. The whole painting doe

seem smooth and is not textured in anyway. It is hard to see where

some lines finish as they do blur into each other at times, making it

look abit rough rather that clear edged.

The shapes used are of a average size but various sizes, but they are

quite simple than organic. It consists either of rectangular or curved

shapes. The shapes used in the painting are of the body outlines of

the two people. it doesn't show any great detail. The outlin...

... middle of paper ... mainly the right

side of the painting as that is where the light is coming from.

The colours used are its natural colours. The colours are very natural

and not to over-powering but still manage to make an impact on the

painting. As the majority of the figures take up the painting, the

colour of the figures make the painting give a slight warm atmosphere

rather then cold. The colours used in the background for the

buildings, set of the colour of the figures, as its quites dark and

uses black and grey, it makes the figures stand out more.

3. Elaine gignilliat who produced this painting, is one of the leading

romance book cover artists. She has painted covers for over 350

romance books representing more than 150 authors including her latest

work. This painting was used for Joyce Verrette's book 'A Rebel's

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