African And Native American Slavery

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African and Native American Slavery

The 1500's, a time of discovery, was when the Europeans came to dominate

most of the New World. The Europeans traveled to Africa and captured Africans

to help develop their land and satisfy their need for power. I feel that the

treatment of the Indians and Africans by the Europeans was completely

unjustifiable. While the Indians and Africans were less technologically

advanced and the Europeans were uneducated, in this particular field, nothing

can compensate for the actions of the Europeans.

As Europeans began to settle new lands they began their exploration of

the foreign worlds. What they found was the opposite of what they expected.

They found what they thought was a new breed of humans. In reality they were

just Native Americans. These Indians were less technologically advanced than

the Europeans. They also worshipped different and multiple gods and ate

different foods. Europeans saw this as barbaric, so they treated them as


In the beginning Native Americans hadn't the faintest idea of what the

Europeans had in mind when they said trade. They figured that when the White

Man came and showed all that hospitality they meant it. Of course, they didn't,

the Europeans captured the Indians to be used as slaves. They were also

slaughtered and raped because of resistance to leave their land. If any Indians

refused to leave their land they would be killed. The women were raped for...