African Americans in Slavery

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African Americans in Slavery “ Slavery is terrible for men; but it is far more terrible for women. Superadded to the burden common to all, they have wrongs, and sufferings, and mortifications peculiarly their own.” ( Harriet Brent “Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl” page 119). Gender played a key role in slavery and after reading “Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl” it is obvious that women in slavery received far worse treatment then that of men. Not to take away the incredible injustices that were dealt upon men during slavery America, but more to emphasize the even greater hardships that African-American women faced during this time period. This paper will consist of a comparison between gender roles, religion (faith), and overall treatment of men versus women during slavery. Specific incidents collected from “Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl,” “Black Boy” (author Richard Wright), and various web sites will be the basis for this document. It is impossible to compare any hardships suffered by either sex during slavery to personal experience so no attempt will be made to do so. The main point will be to compare males and females in every aspect of slavery and how each dealt with their circumstances. The church system at the time of slavery was also very influential towards the treatment of slaves and especially female slaves because the white interpretation or foggy misrepresentation of the bible held white males as the superior in all aspects of life. Not even a white woman would be considered a white males equal let alone an African-American women. One example of misrepresentation of the gospel was evident in a sermon given by Mr. Pike in “Incidents in the life of a slave girl.” “ Hearken ye ser... ... middle of paper ... ...he factors that played into the gender roles of each and every individual slave. The power these women upheld with their hope, their faith, and above all their love was absolutely unbelievable and inspirational to anyone who has read about their sufferings. The injustices women withstand both in slavery and freedom will forever be placed atop any other despicable acts in America’s or any other nations history forever. One last note on this subject is to point out throughout all of these readings the feeling that the women in slavery put more effort into their education then any of the men was extremely evident in their style of writing, their grammar, and their overall intelligence in relating to certain topics. This is one last credit to all women and the incredible triumphs they have had and the thousands of apologies owed to them by men throughout history.
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