African Americans After Civil War Education

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316 words

Education of Blacks after the Civil War .During the civil war, not that many African Americans were free. Some white people believed that it would be a bad idea to educate blacks, as it would make them be unhappy and rebellious. Others believed otherwise, and decided to willing volunteer their services. .In 1865, the congress passed the Freedmen's Bureau, then in January 1866, Texas started a 10 day + 6 night schools for African American children. The laws after the civil war changed drastically because by the end of 1870, there were 88 schools for African Americans (both day and night), and out of 85 teachers 44 were African American. .For the African Americans who were receiving an education, their schools were

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that during the civil war, not that many african americans were free. some white people believed that it would be a bad idea to educate blacks.
  • Explains that african americans' schools were poorly built, with leaking roofs, sagging floors, and windows without glass. black teachers didn't get as much training as white teachers, while whites could learn everything.
  • Explains that fewer african americans were enrolled in school because they were often pulled out to farm. this has had a long lasting impact between blacks and whites because some schools were built with money sent by northern foundations.
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