African American Rights Essay

In the early 16th century, African Americans were stripped from their natural rights as they were sold as property and used for labor. Throughout history, they have acquired rights as individuals and have gained equality as members of the nation. Because of the cruelty guided toward them in earlier centuries, their fellow African Americans and people in other races have served their responsibilities to help free them by revolting, and have now turned into heroic figures because of their courage. This time marks the struggles to accomplishing The Civil right Movement, which worked to end racial segregation, and provide Africans with constitutional rights to vote. Throughout all the history of the U.S, the most common topic is the one relating to the rights and responsibilities of the nation and the people. The group that has been most widely affected by lack of rights and equality, has been African Americans, which had suffered as slaves since 1619 in Virginia. Not only have they been exchanged throughout the world as property instead of people, but they have been harshly discriminated against throughout the years because of their natal color and origin. Although in United States history now a day, slavery is unheard of, in earlier years African Americans had no rights as individuals, and lacked the equality they have now acquired throughout the progress of many heroic figures. African American rights are very crucial to the topic “Rights and Responsibilities,” because it has had the most racism, slavery, and cruelty in earlier centuries. Now, African Americans have more rights and have progressed to be equal members of society. This has been a major change throughout the history of the United States because it shows the progr... ... middle of paper ... ...form and whites would watch and admire their talents. This helped them gain fame, individuality and respect from other races. Although African Americans had always participated in the wars when they were needed, it wasn't until 1948 when Harry S. Truman appointed that Africans could be appointed into the U.S. navy and considered soldiers. However, although the African Americans were now prohibited from being slaves , they were still segregated against. There were many leaders that fought against this segregation, one of them including Martin Luther King, who believed in the equality of all people. He gave fierceless speeches to help the African American cause. He was president of the Montgomery Association, and he directed the Montgomery boycott of public buses. The protest attracted many people to listen to his beliefs and fight along with him to end segregation.
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