African American Professional Women Case Study

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Introduction Business owners may have a heightened sense of anxiety akin to fear once a consultant has been called. The business owner may think the consultant is coming to “change things.” These preconceive notions may affect attitudes and behaviors toward the consultant. This also may be typical in this type of situation surrounding the unknown of unknown persons invading their space (Sturdy, 1997). However, the true nature of the consultant is to simply help the business improve the perceived situation by assessing weaknesses, strengths and recommending solutions. Here are the two issues this writer will address that may be cause for concern as a consultant is gender and race. This may compound the already preconceived notions and unprovoked …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that personal beliefs should not be taken lightly. peter drucker's concepts of handling difficult clients can be the same.
  • Opines that the true nature of a consultant is to help the business improve the perceived situation by assessing weaknesses, strengths, and recommending solutions.
  • Analyzes how occupational stereotyping and cultural differences impact the gender effect and influence perceived quality of service.
  • Explains that there are many reasons why stereotypes exist about african american professional women in the business world.

There are many reasons why Stereotypes exist but the main reason is there are so few historical accounts written about modern African American professional women (Bell, 2004). Literature on slavery and considering the culture today, the media, and rap music, African American professional women are left with only dramatized accounts of their life experiences (Bell, 2004). The fact is there is a nation of people that only know a very small chapter of their lives. Therefore, combating stereotypes, biases, racism, and hatred, is a never ending battle, …show more content…

Despite the legitimate degree, you are seen as the recipients of affirmative action. When this writer read this, the first thought is how would one know? Would someone at your University tell you? How horrifying if it is true. This writer has been praised thus far as being a student from TCSPP and the continuation would be a blessing. Successful African American professional women are arrogant, hard, controlling, self-centered, and uppity (Bell, 2004). Historically African American women have been accused of this by many. What is left out of such accusations is the question, why? Due to the legacy of slavery, African American women have never had the privilege of being submissive, docile, or fragile (Bell, 2004). As a consultant these qualities allow for one to survive in hostile work environment, where they must contend with both racism and sexism (Bell, 2004). As an African American woman these features are rewarding. Being who I am has empowered me to have a sense of pride, self-respect and loyalty. However, trying to balance all these characteristics can be very problematic because I am continually balancing to deflect negative

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