African American History Reflection Paper

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Reflecting upon the first couple of weeks of my final semester as an undergrad student, I have to say I am excited about what this semester holds. I am glad I did not take the easy way out by only taking simple electives my last semester of college. I feel as if I am challenging myself to become a more enlighten and knowledgeable scholar. This African American History II class is one I look forward to coming. Besides the slow start, because of the snow, I feel as a class we are truly on a roll. From the amazing documentary, Slavery by Another Name, to the readings, and the class discussions, I believe as a class we are really on the move. I personally feel as if my understanding of African American history for the first time, in my college experience, is actually being expanded. I have taken different history classes and none of them have taught me as much as I have learned in this class. In this reflection, I will start off with a reflection on the documentary, "Slavery by Another Name", then the readings, and finally the class discussions. (Slavery by Another Name) really shocked me to my core. For the first time since learning about African American history, I felt myself almost hating white Americans. I have watched…show more content…
Being a political science major we are always reading long and boring articles and stories, but "Mapping the Margins" and "Collected Likeness" were interesting. "Mapping the Margins" made great points about how violence against women and especially women of color has gone on for years, but no one is talking about it publicly. For a woman to experience rape or domestic violence is a horrendous experience itself, but to have to keep it a secret and deal with alone has to be a traumatizing experience. I felt powerless while I read the article. I wanted to save everyone woman and girl, who has ever experienced
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