African American Culture Of Langston Hughes And The Harlem Renaissance

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African American culture has different aspects to it. In different cities there could be various cultures that the African American race participates in. one of the biggest events that happened involving African American culture was the Harlem Renaissance that took place in Harlem, New York. This event was originally called The Negro Movement while African Americans “challenged racism and stereotypes” of the African American race (AAHP). The Harlem renaissance was an artistic, social, and culture explosion that brought up the different African American artist in the United States. Culture also played a major part in the explosion. This even happened “between the end of World War I and the 1930’s” (Pbs). This time period brought together black…show more content…
He was born on February 1, 1902 in Joplin Missouri. He is most known for his poems but he was also a writer. Since his parents split up when he was young his grandmother raised him until he was thirteen and then went to live with his mother and her husband in Illinois. At Lincoln University was where he began his love for poetry and continued his love when he attended Colombia University in New York City. He moved to D.C where he wrote his first “book of poetry called The Weary Blues” (Poets). His first novel was called Not Without Laughter and he published his first collection of stories called The Way of the White Folkes in 1934. Langston Hughes was another writer this time era that helped contributed to the voice of African…show more content…
He was born in Salt Lake City, Utah on August 16, 1902. Thurman went to Los Angelos where he worked closely with Ann Bontemps who was also a novelist. With her he created his first newspaper “The Pacific Defender” which was a “black newspaper” and also did a journal called “the outlet” (Black Past). His writing brought him to the “New Negro Renaissance” which was changed to Harlem Renaissance where he worked with Langston Hughes, Zora Neale Hurston, Aaron Douglass and many more writers of the time. He went to Harlem in 1925 and published his second newspaper called The Looking Glass and then wrote in third one called “Fire!! Devoted to Younger Negro Artist. The artist he worked closely with also contributed to this newspaper. In the 1930’s, Thurman was “one of the leading novelists, poets, and playwrights of the Harlem Renaissance” (Black Past). Through his works he explores intra- racial conflicts related to skin color. All of these writers helped to contribute to the Harlem renaissance and have a rise of the African American race and
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