African American Culture, Laws That Impact A Cultural Group

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Human Service Professionals will work with clients which have all different types of cultural backgrounds. Part of the responsibilities of the human service professional is to learn about the culture through research as well as through asking the client questions so they are aware of the client’s culture. Throughout this paper the following will be discussed African American culture, laws that impact a cultural group; how laws can affect the clients we will be working with, what represents a good and bad law, why multiculturalism and diversity are important for Human Services, and understanding global perspectives in cross-cultural work. I chose to discuss African American culture because the area that I will be moving to has a larger population of African Americans compared to where I currently live. African American is a term used for a diverse array of peoples, including African Americans born in this country, Africans, and individuals from the West Indies and Central and South America (Diller, 2015). African American life is infused with deep religiosity and spirituality, cooperation and interdependence, and a oneness with nature (Diller, 2015). Enslavement also embedded a deep core value and attitudes emphasizing on resistance, freedom, self-determination, education, and family focus (Diller, 2015). The family within African American homes can include extended family but it also can include members of the church and close friends of the family. Within an African American relationship the expectation of both men and women will be for them both to work (Diller, 2015). The children are raised to help within the home as well and they are not focused on themselves. Religion is held at high esteem within African Ameri... ... middle of paper ... ...rely heavily on other sources for help such as family and the church (Diller, 2015). Another point to consider is African Americans see White privilege as problematic for them as is racism (Diller, 2015). The fact that the African Americans experience discrimination and racial injustices daily, but they see Whites still benefiting largely from a system which gives them advantage but treats African Americans unfairly (Diller, 2015). Learning about the African American culture has given me personally a better understanding of what they have endured, the best way to work with this culture, and how the laws have impacted them. Making of laws still today is not focused on all cultures therefore the laws won’t assist them the way it should. As human service professionals it is imperative to learn as much as possible about the cultures that we might be working with.
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