African American Colonialism Case Study

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The problem in this case is the high incarceration rates of African-Americans is not colonialism its victimization. Specifically this is the victimization of poor African-Americans regardless of perceived or actual knowledge of African history. When you 're being victimized because of something as superficial as race, knowledge can only go so far, if that wasn 't the case then uneducated poor African-American females would be locked up at the same rate as poor African-American men.We know this to be true because studies show 70% of educated African-American females are unmarried mainly because of the high incarceration rates of African-American men. America has a racial caste system where a racial group(African-Americans) can be locked into…show more content…
The churches taught that Black people were the incarnation of sin and a thorn in the eyes of God. This demonization of African spirituality in the church has been used effectively to pit Europeans and African-Americans against Africans. The demonization is so deep that even African-American christians will waste no time in calling African spirituality witchcraft. When in fact this was the roots of African-Americans original religion. Christianity was used upon them as a way of controlling the mind and instilling inferiority to the white man and respect to the master. They were constantly told they would go to hell if they continued African religion which prompted many of them to convert and unfortunately that same mindset resides today and black christians are now to afraid to understand the roots of African spirituality. When it comes to Voudoun, Santeria, psi episodes, out of body experiences and lucid dreams experiences “these practices and disciplines have always been terrifying to the western world”(Bynum,1999 p.96). Whats sad is that the white slave masters were able to make the African slaves so western that now African-Americans share the same ideology about the spiritual system in Africa, that is completely out of touch with the actual reality of the African traditional spiritual
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