African-American Civil Rights Movement of 1955-1968

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The series of African-American Civil Rights movements, which stretched from 1955 to 1968, aimed at restoring the rights of African-American people and liberating them from social and racial discrimination. This movement changed the social and political structure of the United States. The main catch was that the movement accomplished successful results following the ‘nonviolent resistance’, establishing the fact that the Christian religion believed in peace and equality. BIRTH OF THE CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENTS United States, since its foundation has endured racial inequality. The government and other major institutions were administrated by the ‘whites’ and the ‘black’ Americans lacked behind in every aspect of life. The reconstruction period, that started after the defeat of the Confederate States of America, lasted for twelve years starting from 1865 to 1877.The elections of 1876 brought an end to this era in which the whites of the Democratic party gained political control in the south while the Republican Party, which mainly constituted of the Blacks, lost terribly because blacks were not allowed to register their votes. By the early 20th centaury, majority of the elected officials in the south were Democrats, the white domination caused increase in the violence on African Americans and they were detained from their rights of education, employment and religion. The consequence was the emergence of the ‘Jim Crow’ system which suppressed and violated the racial and social rights of the African Americans. The conditions in the North and West were comparatively better so most of the African people seek refuge in migration. Previously, the Civil rights movement of 1955 – 1968, with the help of organizations like NAACP (National... ... middle of paper ... ... which was responsible was the division of equal power, took no practical measures in that regard. All in all, this movement was very successful in the general populous and managed to give them a sensation of separate and distinct identity but didnot achieve any remarkable results in the political domain. Conclusion To conclude, Civil Rights Movement of 1955 – 1968 has been the turning point not only in the history of African – American but has also been a source of inspiration and motivation for the further Civil Rights movements, that strived for the equality of gays, women and other minority nations. The key points of the movement were derived from the teachings of Jesus and Mohandas Gandhi and perhaps it was the result of such remarkable teachings that the movement managed to attain triumphant results and turned around the life of the people of America.
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