African American And Caucasian American Culture

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While thinking back on my observations in the Middle School particularly, I realized there were three different cultures. There were the students that were of Hispanic culture, the African American and the Caucasian American culture. These cultures were then subdivided into whether they were underprivileged or well-off students. It was interesting to see that the students weren 't focused on the culture as much as they were more focused on hanging around with the individuals that had the same financial background as they did. When I was in the classrooms watching the teachers, they did not focus on the premade grouping; they focused on whether the student was performing at the needed level. When in a science class, When in the science class the way Mrs. Lansford engage the different cultures was not worry about what their individual culture. She focused more on who they were as a person and made them feel good about themselves. She got to know each student by their culture and respected their culture but didn’t put down one culture or another. She engaged them by talking to them and including them in the lesson. She was beginning a new lesson so she gave the students an overview of everything that they were going to learn. She then showed them the schedule for the week on how she was breaking it down into smaller parts. As she was breaking it down into smaller parts she explained why it was important for each of these mini-lessons and how this was going to connect in the real world. the teacher would go and help the struggling students. She would work one-on-one or in group of students, if they were all in the same area. She didn’t help one more than another, they were all treated equally. The way she teaches reminded me... ... middle of paper ... ...the material. If one student is having trouble then she knows that corrections need to be made for the next time she teaches that lesson and she needs to teach that lesson again, to the individual that are having trouble. Mrs. Myers is a Math teacher that also has struggling Language Arts students one period a day. By being supportive, she has made a connection to the students, which is helping the students want to learn. What I will bring into my classroom is that each student is special and unique. They come into class with different backgrounds and views of the world. These teachers showed me that by allowing them to express themselves we all learn. All students have the same basic need for, love, food, shelter and clothing. If we as educators can treat each student as one of a kind, then we will be able to find what they need to learn and they will succeed.
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