Africacial Bias And Racial Bias

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Journalists, as well as all of us, can have racial bias and not realize it. Most people do not realize that they are racists or what they said was racist until someone points it out to them. Journalists write articles for the gain they will receive once it is on the news. Their economic interests are always on their mind. This perspective provides a strong foundation for ethnic blame and incognizant racism. They assume that by reproducing ethnic blame it will increase ratings. The more ratings they get; the more money they have in return. Journalists are also pressured to air news that appeals to large news constituencies due to socialization practices. This means they may air news that over represents minorities as perpetrators and Whites…show more content…
Often times, Whites are shown in their yearbook photos or nice dress. African Americans are often pictured with gang signs, drugs, alcohol, and their mugshot. This leads to stereotypes of African Americans where they are associated with more pronounced Afrocentric facial features. People do not realize their racial bias when reading the news. Past research has said that the prevalence of photos that are seen in the media are African American and due to this people began to associate crime to facial features that are more Afrocentric. Blair, Judd, Sadler, and Jenkins (2002) found that Afrocentric features were significantly associated with negative stereotypes such as being criminal, poor, and aggressive (as cited in Oliver et al., 2004, p. 90). This research supports that viewers tend to “interpret media content as consistent with their attitudes, to enjoy content that is confirming of existing beliefs, and to recall content in ways that are schema consistent” (Oliver et al., 2004, p. 90). A study done by Oliver and Armstrong in 1995 found that, through a telephone survey, more negative racial attitudes were associated with greater enjoyment of reality-based police shows that frequently feature African American as criminal suspects who are typically arrested by White police officers through the use of force (Oliver et al., 2004, p. 10). This is the way in which media influences what people think and perceive. African Americans are perceived as “criminal” and a threat that needs to be taken care of, usually by showing White officers roughly arresting African Americans, usually males. In fact, Peffley et al. in 1996 found that negative stereotypes of African Americans were associated with greater perceived guilt and harsher recommendations of punishment. Although, when the suspect was White, there was lower perceived guilt and more lenient recommendations for them, even if both situations
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