Afghanistan in the Way of Development

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Why is Afghanistan not a developed country, where it was the crossroad of great empires Alexander the great, Persian empire, Genghis khan, British, Soviet Union empires. Afghanistan is a country with really complex history, which is located in southern Asia and it is often called the cross road of central Asia. The country is made up of different ethnic of people who are speaking different languages. Afghanistan occupied by British and Soviet armies. The Soviet Union and British empires sent more than thousands of their troops and immediately took political and military control. The 1979 Soviet Union invasion and civil war destroyed much of the infrastructure and normal economic activities. Afghanistan has lost the internal products since of losses of labor, transportation and trade. Development is held back because of invasion by different empires, civil war, corruption, and poverty. Afghanistan is today one of the poorest country in the world. In 1930 Afghanistan started development program with a low economy. The government founded banks and introduced paper money. The government established universities and schools and send student abroad for studies. When Soviet Union occupied Afghanistan, They destroyed the cities. They used so dangerous weapons and killed so many people. More than four million of people migrated to other countries and left their homes. Much of the population of Afghanistan faced with so many problems because of two decades of war; such are shortage of housing, clean water, electricity, health service, education and jobs, weak governance and insecurity. The war brought much poverty to Afghanistan. The income of a family is just 200$, the lowest income in the world. That expected that more than 20 % percent... ... middle of paper ... ...going to schools and education centers. Afghan People who migreted to other countries, they are reterning back now. 60,000 former combatants have been demobilized. “Yet violence and the absence of security remain the most crucial concern in Afghanistan”(Afghanistan). The economy, which had seen negative growth, is slowly recovering but continues to remain dependent on revenue from the illegal opium. (Afghanistan). Works Cited “Afghanistan: History.” web 12 .April.2014 “Afghanistan: Economy.” Web 12.April.2014 “AfghanMDGs-ProgressataGlance.” Web 19.April.2014‎ “Outlook for Afghanistan.” web 14.Aprial. 2014
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