Affordable Healthcare Act Improves Patient Safety and Outcomes

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The Affordable Care Act of 2010 will have a positive effect on patient safety and outcomes. It will provide many resources to allow patients easier access to insurance for health care costs and preventive care such as cancer screenings and vaccines. It will give incentives to health care facilities to improve the care being given. It also is mandated healthcare facilities to use electronic health record systems to keep track of all patient information to minimize errors. The legislation will increase federal loan money to nursing students to boost the number of high-skilled nurses going into the practice. It will also increase the federal funding being given to nurse managed facilities the benefit their care to promote patient outcomes. This legislation will lower the cost of healthcare for patients and health care facilities by lowering the risk of medical errors and poor patient outcomes.

The legislation will eventually make healthcare coverage easier and less expensive to obtain than in the past. It is designed to make every American having healthcare coverage a realistic possibility. The Affordable Insurance Exchange will make this possible. It will allow people searching for insurance the ability to compare health care insurance companies and price to suit what they need or want for healthcare coverage. It uses programs and tax credits that can possibly make insurance more affordable for individuals who are eligible. Individuals with healthcare coverage are more likely to prevent conditions or receive early detection care for a condition that if not found in the early stages could be fatal.

The Affordable Care Act is pushing health care facilities to use electronic health record systems to reduce medical errors and cut ...

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